Good Books In The Woods Weekly Update 9.28.09

Hi Everyone,   Here’s what’s happening at Good Books In The Woods:

Friends of the Library Presentation Today, September 29 starting at 6:30pm Mitchell Branch Library on Ashlane Way off Woodlands Parkway Dick will be giving a presentation on his obsession with books.  He’ll be talking about his own personal collection and the origin of our book store.  He also be talking about a couple other book obsessives just to make himself feel a bit more normal.  It should be quite entertaining.  This event is at the Mitchell Branch library and is open to the public.     

Non-Fiction Book Club Thursday, October 1 starts at 7:00pm Good Books In The Woods This meeting’s book is Our Daily Meds by Melody Petersen.  Petersen was a New York Times reporter who covered health care and the pharmaceutical industry.  I’ve decided that this book is officially depressing.  A must read for anyone on prescription meds, but depressing notheless.  What happens when the FDA approves a med and recommends it be used no longer than 4 weeks, and I’ve been taking it for 101 straight weeks?  Nothing good, I’m sure.  I think my liver and kidneys are still functioning.  I think.  

William Barnes Friday, October 2 from 6pm – 8pm Good Books In The Woods Our second ALL class (Academy for Life-Long Learning) features a local author.  William Barnes will be here to duscuss his novel, The White Cockroach. The novel is about the Mexican Drug Wars currently ripping that country apart and how the violence spreads into Texas and the American Southwest.  Please join us for a fun evening with a local author.  One of William’s friends was just in here.  It seems that William was 65 when he first started writing.  I’ve also been told that he writes terrific sex scenes.  

First Friday Friday, October 2 from 8pm The art galleries are back in full swing.  We now have three art galleries, two furniture galleries, and GBITW participating in First Friday.  We’ll all be open late.  We’ve got free wine and snacks.  Come on over!  

Alberto Arcia – This is being Rescheduled. No longer October 10.  Will probably be moved to November. Alberto is the President of the Woodlands Writers Guild.  His first novel is now going to be published in late October.  Alberto will be at Good Books In The Woods reading selections from his novel and signing his book.  The novel is called “Cut and Run: The Misadventures of Alex Perez.” Some of you have already heard Alberto read excerpts at our Naughty Nite in the Woods event.  The book is hilarious.  Come hear for yourself sometime in November.  I’ll keep you informed.  

Colleen Thompson Tuesday, October 13 starting at 7pm Colleen Thompson is a local author with 15 published novels to her credit.  She will be at Good Books In The Woods conducting a workshop for the members of The Woodlands Writers Guild.  Learn to target your writing market, present your best work, and capture the attention of the right agents and editors to get your work in front of readers. Join Rita, Daphne du Maurier, and RT Bookclub Reviewer’s Choice award-nominated Colleen Thompson, author of fifteen romantic mystery/thriller and historical romance novels. A former area teacher who met her agent at a Woodlands Writers Guild conference in the late nineties, Colleen has seen her novels translated into seven languages, produced in audio form, and praised by Publisher’s Weekly. Currently working on her next novel, Colleen also takes time to write articles on the craft and business of writing for such magazines as Writer’s Digest and The Romance Writer’s Report and conduct workshops for writer’s conferences and groups. FMI, please visit her website at or stop by her blog on the writing life  This event is only for members of the Woodlands Writers Guild, but membership in the Guild is cheap.  Contact Alberto Arcia at to join the Guild.

Lowell Mick White Thursday, October 15 starting at 7pm Montgomery College Lone Star, Library I believe

The next author in Montgomery County Literary Arts Council’s Writers in Performance series is LOWELL MICK WHITE.  He is the author of two books: a story collection, Long Time Ago Good (Slough Press, 2008), and a novel, That Demon Life (Gival Press, 2009).  His work has been published in over two dozen journals, including Callaloo, Iron Horse Literary Review, and Short Story.  In 1998, he was awarded the Dobie-Paisano Fellowship by the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Institute of Letters.  White is currently a PhD student at Texas A&M University , where he specializes in creative writing and regional literatures, and teaches creative writing and freshman composition.

E. L. Doctorow – Alley Theatre in Houston

Monday, October 19 at 7:30pm

Meet at Good Books In The Woods at 5:30pm

Doctorow has written many novels including The Book of Daniel, Ragtime, Billy Bathgate, and City of God. Doctorow has won the National Book Award, three National Book Critics Circle Awards, two PEN/Faulkner Awards, and the President’s National Humanities Medal.  His novels have been made into movies and plays and that have been nominated for 8 Academy Awards and 12 Tony Awards.  Doctorow will be reading from his new novel Homer & Langley at the Alley Theatre in Houston.  This is part of the Inprint Series backed by the University of Houston.  Good Books In The Woods is organizing a charter bus to the Alley Theatre and back.  Please see Dick’s write-up attached as a Word doc.

Author’s Book Club

Tuesday, October 20 at 7pm

This meeting’s author is Julian Barnes.  I don’t know anything about his novels so I hope you read Dick’s write-up that was attached to last week’s Update.  I need to get reading.

Poetry Book Club

Wednesday, October 28 at 7pm

Special Halloween Event

Pick a scary, creepy, or darkly funny poem and read it to the group.  Or read some of your own scary poems.  Or write a poem just for us.  Dress up if you want.  I promise I won’t make fun of you, or your poetry.  Leon Arceneaux has joined the club and will be reading scary and haunting selections from his five published novels.  Dick thinks we’re giving a Grand Prize to the scariest original poem of the night.  I wonder what the prize will be?  Attached is Dick’s write-up of Scary Poetry Night.  I’m shivering in my boots already.

That’s what we have planned so far.  We’re working on a few other ideas so hopefully I’ll have something new to report next week.

Have you signed up for Southern Star Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest yet?  Could be too late.  Better call them and find out.
Thanks for reading,   Jay Rohfritch
Good Books In The Woods
25915 Oak Ridge Drive
Spring, TX  77380


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  1. I stumbled across your blog today and am looking forward to reading the archives!
    This post resonated so loudly with me I have though similar things more than once.

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