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Kudos to Newsweek! After spending a lot of time on a book coverage special issue, Newsweek didn’t abandon it after learning of pop-culture icon, Michael Jackson death. This week’s issue gives special coverage to both, with subscribers like myself receiving a “What to Read Now” cover, while the newsstand cover is on Jackson. There are several well-written articles on both topics. Newsweek.com also has “Newsweek’s Top 100 Books: The Meta-List. However, you will need to read the printed issue to learn about “What to Read Now. And Why.” Given that we live in a world “…with precious little time to read (and think), is to know which books – new or old, fiction or nonfiction – open a window on the times we live in, whether they deal directly with the issues of today or simply help us see ourselves in new and surprising ways,” writes Newsweek. Few surprises, few predictables mostly hummmmm!

OK, so you want to be able to find out what to read now and why online, click here.

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  1. […] . . posted “Kudos to Newsweek” on the Writers In Performance […]

  2. We now have a list of the books of the distinguished authors that we have lined up for the coming season…beginning with Rich Levy on Sept. 17th…my suggested reading list would include the books of our visiting writers that are or will be available at Good Books in the Woods…here they blow:

    Rich Levy, “Why Me,” Mutabilis Press, Sept. 17th

    Mick Lowell White, “Long Time Ago,” Slough Press, Oct. 15th

    ***Holly Hughes, “Beyond Forgetting,” Kent State Univ. Press, Nov. 4th & 5th

    Wendy Barker, “Way of Whiteness,” Wings Press, Nothing Between Us: The Berkeley Years , Del Sol Press, Dec. 9th

    Ben Fountain, “Brief Encounters With Che Guevara,” HarperCollins Publishers, Feb. 18th

    ***We have agreed to give all the profits from the anthology, “Beyond Forgetting,” sales to the Alzheimer’s Assoc. of Southeast Texas. They are partnershipping the promotion of the readings.

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