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Walt Whitman Birthday Celebration, 2009 Video

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Walt Whitman 2009 Collage Title blogI’m guessing, but the 2009 Walt Whitman Birthday Celebration is the 16th in Montgomery County, Texas. Over twenty poets reading their favorite Whitman poem and one of their own, plus four Whitman scholars sharing the research and writings and soprano, Marion Russell Dickson, made this year’s event the best yet – even without our leader, Dave Parsons, who was in Georgia attending the funeral of his uncle. With so many participating, trying to capture photos and video of the event was fun, but the real challenge came in trying to create a less than ten-minute video. To do real justice to everyone who participated, an audio script with a storyboard using photos and video clips would have been the best approach. However, not having the time to write the script, it has still taken two months since the event to post this entry. Even so, I hope this video gives the viewer a good summary of our annual celebration.

If there are those who might be interested in working with me to plan a visual and audio production of next year’s event, please contact me.

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Kudos to Newsweek

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Pondering Duende ArtxII blog“Pondering Duende” — by kenne ’07

Kudos to Newsweek! After spending a lot of time on a book coverage special issue, Newsweek didn’t abandon it after learning of pop-culture icon, Michael Jackson death. This week’s issue gives special coverage to both, with subscribers like myself receiving a “What to Read Now” cover, while the newsstand cover is on Jackson. There are several well-written articles on both topics. also has “Newsweek’s Top 100 Books: The Meta-List. However, you will need to read the printed issue to learn about “What to Read Now. And Why.” Given that we live in a world “…with precious little time to read (and think), is to know which books – new or old, fiction or nonfiction – open a window on the times we live in, whether they deal directly with the issues of today or simply help us see ourselves in new and surprising ways,” writes Newsweek. Few surprises, few predictables mostly hummmmm!

OK, so you want to be able to find out what to read now and why online, click here.

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Walt Whitman’s Birthday Celebration, 2009

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Walt Whitman 2009  6519 - 2009-05-09 at 16-14-10 frame blog

Walt Whitman’s Birthday Party, 2009 . . .

. . . another successful Whitman event, even without the father of this annual event, Dave Parsons. Dave was in Georgia attending his uncle’s funeral. As has been the practice for the last few years, the birthday celebration took place at both the college and in downtown Conroe. The gathering of twenty distinguished poets reading at the Conroe Symphony Centre was kicked off by soprano, Marion Russell Dickson, pictured above.

Additional photos and video will be posted in a later entry.